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Bhutan is a tiny and land-locked Himalayan country covering a total area of about 4,700 sq km. Bhutan is located between Tibet to the north and Indian territories of Assam and West Bengal to the south and east and Sikkim to the west. Bhutan had remained an isolated kingdom for many years, because it was open to the outsiders only in 1970s. This small kingdom is popularly known as the land of Thunder Dragon, the Bhutanese citizen call it the country of Druk Yul.
In terms of expenses, the trekking or tour in Bhutan is regarded to be the most expensive destination to visit in the world. However, it is worth spending of your money because you can only find such natural wonders, arts, and artifacts, flora and fauna and no doubt the mountains in any parts of the world.
Immediately, you step into Bhutan you begin to find the wonders, the mighty peaks, cascading waterfalls, sparkling streams, beautiful monasteries, Buddhists monasteries, museums, old buildings, thickly forested mountains slopes, where there roaming of various animals and birds, culture, architecture and archery and what not, all these features made Bhutan unique land for destination. Moreover, since Bhutan remained isolated country for many year therefore, it was able to preserve the old tradition, lifestyles, customs, arts and artifacts as it is. Because of these features, Bhutan is also referred to be the Shangri-la of the earth. Ancient Buddhist culture and breathtaking sceneries of Bhutan attracts thousands of tourists every year and Soloalpine Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. has long been arranging the trekking and tour packages in Bhutan through its one agent in Bhutan, as per the legal procedure of Bhutan, therefore feel free to contact us, if you wish to visit to this mysterious country, Bhutan.

Bhutan in brief

  • King: Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchukin
  • Prime Minister: Lyonpo Jigme Thinley
  • Capital City: Thimphu
  • Total area: 47,000
  • Population: 699,847 (2010 estimation)
  • Currency: Ngultrum
  • Monetary unit: Ngultrum
  • Bordered with: Tibet in the north and the Indian states of Assam and west Bengal in the east, west and south
  • Major Religion: Buddhism
  • Official language: Dzongkha
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